Monday, July 14, 2008

An Update on My Training!

"The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory."
- Psalm 118:14

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I'm currently training three days per week following Alwyn Cosgrove's Afterburn 2 training program.

Here's a recap: I performed the first phase (weeks 1-4) of Afterburn 2 during April and early May. Then, Stacey and I started the Warp Speed Fat Loss program for a month. Then I went back to Afterburn 2 beginning with phase 2 (weeks 5-8) in June. I'm on the last phase (weeks 9-12) of the 12-week plan. The current phase looks like this:

Workout A & B (Alternate each workout throughout the week)

Week 1:
Mon - Workout A
Wed - Workout B
Fri - Workout A

Week 2:
Mon - Workout B
Wed - Workout A
Fri - Workout B

Repeat for Weeks 3 and 4

A) Barbell Complex 5x6 (a different barbell complex is performed for Workout A and B)

B1 - B4) Weight Circuits (four exercises using different sets/reps each training day)

C) Ab exercise 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps

D) Finisher x1-2 sets of the Pushup Matrix or Leg Matrix

Recently, I've given myself the time and flexibility within my schedule to train with my Bulldog Kettlebell and Outlaw Rope or to perform some extra bodyweight exercises or go for a bike ride.

Also, I've decided not to perform the metabolic conditioning portion of the original Afterburn 2 workouts (intervals or Tabata's) during the last part of this phase for two reasons:
  1. I have already used interval training and Tabata's at a high intensity 3-5 times a week for the past 12 weeks, and
  2. I'm playing ultimate frisbee on Sunday evenings and need the rest between workouts so I can play well.
Luckily, the past 12 weeks of intense interval training and Tabata's has given me the conditioning needed to play ultimate frisbee with no issues. In the past, even though I was performing intervals 1-2 times per week, I was not prepared for ultimate frisbee and I found myself having problems getting through the game without feeling winded or suffering hamstring soreness and cramping.

Although it has been very difficult, I'm glad I spent the last 12 weeks increasing my conditioning through the use of intervals and Tabata's. And I am able to maintain that level of conditioning now through my weight training sessions (they are metabolically demanding) and from playing ultimate frisbee (and I will add various intervals to my training again in the future).

This has helped me to continue with my fat loss and conditioning goals while not having to train as often as I did during Warp Speed Fat Loss. I am still following the meal plans from Warp Speed Fat Loss and will continue to do so as I like the principles behind how the plan is set up. I have made adjustments as needed (varying the ratios of carbs) to fit with my current training.

I'm also working on designing my next phase of training which will give me a break from what I've been doing and help me continue to make good progress.

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Nathan James said...

Monday's workout was brutal! The entire workout was grueling from start to finish! I was tired, sore and didn't have much energy.

I believe it was due to various factors including:

1) Not enough sleep the night before

2) Still being sore from Sunday's ultimate frisbee game

3) Not eating my fourth meal (snack) early enough before training

4) The heat and humidity (it was really bad last night)

5) Being worn down from the training sessions the last few weeks (I've been constantly increasing weight as much as possible).

Although I only performed three sets of the barbell complexes instead of five, I had added weight from the last time I performed that complex. It was very tough!

I performed all my circuits, but they were hard and all very heavy. I was drenched in sweat for the entire workout.

I only performed one set of abs and one set of the pushup matrix. I was just too exhausted to do anymore and knew that I had to cut back some in order to get through the workout.

I feel better today. But we'll see how things go on Wednesday.