Thursday, June 5, 2008

Warp Speed Fat Loss - Days 18 through 22 and the Perform Better Seminar!

I apologize for the long delay in posting updates about the Warp Speed Fat Loss program. As I wrote in my previous blog, I left town on Thursday and headed to Rhode Island for the Perform Better Seminar. Ever since I returned on Monday, I have been slammed with work and playing catch up around the house.

Before catching my flight on Thursday, I performed the interval workouts early in the morning. It wasn't easy to perform the intervals and the steady-state cardio at 7am, but I knew I had to get it done since I was going to be traveling. I also packed my snacks for the day to take with me.

My flight to Rhode Island went quite well, and I even arrived 20 minutes early (a first!). I flew with Continental Airlines on the way there, and I was quite surprised when I received a small boxed lunch that included a turkey sandwich, carrots and a Kit-Kat. Although I didn't eat the bread from the turkey sandwich or the Kit-Kat, the meat and carrots were a nice snack. I would highly recommend flying Continental Airlines, as I believe they may be the last airline that still provides meal service and snacks to coach passengers (as I didn't get anything more than a drink flying with US Airways on the way back despite flying at almost exactly the same time).

I have family in Rhode Island, so I stayed with my uncle, aunt and their two kids for the weekend and visited the rest of my family after the seminar on Sunday afternoon. I even stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few essential snacks and other food that I would need to stay on track with the meal plans all weekend.

Although I had trouble sleeping the entire time (I was hot and uncomfortable trying to sleep on the couch or mattress and didn't get much sleep each night), I did my best to stay healthy, get in all my meals, stay hydrated and keep clean (I kept a small bottle of GermX sanitizing lotion in my pocket since I was shaking hands with people during the seminar and working out with various equipment).

Each day, I packed snacks as close as possible to what was required in the Warp Speed Fat Loss program. The only thing I had trouble with each day was the correct meal and portion size for my lunch. I ended up getting a salad from a place called Salad Creations in the Providence mall each day. I created my own salad and added all sorts of healthy toppings including 4oz of grilled chicken. I also ate with my uncle and his family for dinner each night, but we ate chicken or steak with veggies while I was there and just a burger on Sunday as part of my no-carb day.

The Perform Better seminar was incredible! I've attended several seminars and bootcamps in the past three years, but this seminar was the most professional seminar I've attended while also hosting more speakers and sessions than I could possibly attend in the 2 1/2 days. The Perform Better staff did an excellent job preparing for this event and making it memorable. I was excited that attendees also received a very nice backpack, T-shirt, towel, shaker cup and a thick binder of all the presenters' Powerpoint presentations.

Although I never had time to perform the Warp Speed workouts on Friday and Saturday, I did attend several hands-on presentations each day. The first day included an awesome hands-on workout with Rachel Cosgrove (Alwyn's wife) of Results Fitness. The workout we performed was one of the workouts one of her female clients used to drop 35lbs of fat in 12 weeks. And it was tough! I'm used to the Warp Speed Fat Loss workouts, so I thought this workout would be easy. But I was wiped out by the time we were finished. I also attended Anthony DiLuglio's (Art of Strength) kettlebell class on Friday.

On Saturday, I attended Alwyn Cosgrove's hands-on class (another brutal workout) as well as a hands-on bootcamp session. Sunday was another tough day as I attended three hands-on classes (one after another!) including Don Chu's strength and speed session, Juan Carlos Santana's metabolic session and Jeremy Boone's speed session.

The social on Friday evening gave me a chance to speak to many of the presenters and ask questions about the fitness industry and gain some good advice that will help me in the future. I was fortunate to be able to speak with Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove quite a few times during the weekend. There was also a panel of presenters on Saturday evening that spent more than an hour answering questions from the audience. I was fortunate to be able to ask the last question to each of the panel members: "What one piece of advice would you give someone who is not currently in the fitness industry but would like to become involved (with a business)?" I received numerous excellent answers that I wrote down in my seminar manual to refer to often.

Overall, I had an incredible time. I will definitely attend future Perform Better Seminars, and I may even go to Long Beach next year and make a mini-vacation out of the trip since it's held in June and would be a good time to enjoy the Southern California weather and possibly even go to Alwyn and Rachel's gym, Results Fitness, for a personal visit.

Despite not being able to follow the Warp Speed Fat Loss meal plans and training exactly as written, I did my best to stay on track. When I arrived home on Monday evening, I even trained as scheduled even though I was extremely tired and still sore from the hands-on training sessions I participated in all weekend.

I'll give an update tomorrow to help get caught up for the rest of the week!

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