Sunday, June 22, 2008

Faith Healing!

"May they understand that You, Lord, bring health and healing and will reveal to them an abundance of peace and truth...."
- Jeremiah 33:6

Recent research suggests that religion offers health benefits including longer life spans.

Some have attributed this to the healing benefits of prayer and faith in God. Others believe it's because people of faith enjoy supportive, healthful lifestyles. If you're a Christian, you know it's due to both of those things and more!

Some statistics:
  • 83: The life expectancy of people who frequently attended religious services; for infrequent attendees, the estimate was 75.
  • 70%: The percentage of churches that provide healthcare services to their communities, according to a survey of 6,000 congregations.
  • 40-60%: The percentage of hospital patients who want their doctors to pray with them.

Faith in God, prayer, living a healthy lifestyle as God intended and surrounding yourself with strong social support from other Christians is an important part of living a long and healthy life.

Exercise and a proper diet are important to our physical needs. Faith in God, a strong support system and prayer are important to our spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

Have you prayed today?

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