Monday, May 19, 2008

Warp Speed Fat Loss - Day 8 of 28!

"I am in pain and distress; may your salvation, O God, protect me." - Psalm 69:29

Time for another update on Warp Speed Fat Loss. Day seven (Sunday) went fairly well considering it was a no carb day. Luckily, we didn't have to train, so not having any carbs was not as bad as it could have been. I'm glad we didn't have to train because we were both very sore, tired and dealing with some minor knee pain from all the lifting and sprinting the previous week.

At the end of the first seven days, Stacey is down two pounds after originally gaining a pound. So that means she actually lost three pounds. Although she hasn't lost much weight in the first week, she can tell the difference in how her clothes fit.

My weight is holding steady which is fine with me since I'm trying to get leaner without losing much weight in the process. I have already noticed more definition in my delts, arms and serratus after the first week. If things go well, I will not have much of a change in my overall weight, but I will be significantly leaner. This means that I will have gained muscle and lost fat at the same time - no easy feat!

Day eight was very similar to last Monday. The meals were filling and satisfying throughout the day and the training session was brutal yet again! Prior to the workout, both of us were still dealing with muscle soreness, but Stacey was also having some knee/hamstring pain in one of her legs. She managed to get through the workout, but she was unable to add weight to many of the movements this week and the pain became more intense. I was also experiencing knee pain after the workout and as I write this. However, I was able to increase weight on several of my exercises during the workout.

I do think we are at a disadvantage with the Warp Speed Fat Loss training sessions compared to others using the program for a couple reasons. First, we train in our garage gym and don't have access to cardio machines for the interval portion of the workouts to add variety. Second, we are using sprints and intense conditioning exercises such as burpees and barbell complexes for the interval workouts. This causes a lot of wear and tear on the joints and body.

I believe this may lead to some overuse injuries by the time we are finished with the 28-day program, but we are determined to continue with the workouts despite some of these issues. We'll continue to ice any sore areas, use cold and hot showers and use NSAIDs such as Aleve to help with pain and inflammation.

After following the program for the first week, I would not recommend it to beginners or those with less than a year's worth of serious training. You have to be fairly fit to follow the workouts as they are written while also using heavy weights for the strength exercises and the circuits.

Also, I am under a huge amount of stress. It would have been better to follow this program a month earlier or even a month later, as I have been swamped with work, planning a huge event, making plans to attend the Perform Better Seminar next week, other commitments, normal household chores, a relationship, not getting enough sleep, etc.

All of these issues don't help with my recovery and make it very tough to stay on track each day. But I am determined to follow the meal plans and training as written despite not having ideal conditions. Besides, life is rarely ideal, so if the Warp Speed Fat Loss program can work for someone in my situation, then there should be no excuse for anyone else.

Stacey is also very busy, as she's been juggling three part-time jobs along with commitments at church, helping with the meals, household chores, etc. Her schedule changes on a daily basis, so it takes even more for her to stay on track, as she has no set routine like me. She has done an excellent job so far and has learned quite a bit about portion control and more while following the program.

More updates to come soon! This week is a bit hectic since I have my event on Wednesday night and will need to shuffle around the training days and meal plans this week.

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