Friday, August 29, 2008

Spezzatino - Online Food Magazine!

"He gives food to every living thing. His faithful love endures forever." - Psalm 136:25

John Berardi (and the Precision Nutrition team) has created a brand new PDF food magazine - a food magazine that is stunning in every regard, from the design to the photography to the writing.

It includes delicious, gourmet recipes in each issue and captivating articles covering everything from nutrition and food science to gardening and cultivation.

And what if I told you that the magazine is donating ALL of its profit to the Healthy Food Bank to buy good food for people in need?

Why, you'd say, "How do I subscribe?"

Then I'd say, "Go here, because your subscription will help a lot of people eat better tomorrow - including you!"

You can even download a sample of the first issue and decide if it's something you want more of each month. And knowing that your money is going to food banks to help people in need while benefiting your own health makes it worth it!

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