Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things Don't Always Go As Planned...

"You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail."
- Proverbs 19:21

I apologize for not posting as regularly as I had hoped the last few months. I have been extremely busy and haven't had the time to sit down and write blogs as frequently as I would like.

In my last blog, I talked about the TRX Suspension Trainer and how I planned on setting up my next phase of training using the TRX and weight training several days each week.

Unfortunately, that didn't work out as originally planned. After my first week into the new training schedule, I tore some ligaments in my left ankle playing ultimate frisbee.

A visit to the Emergency Care Center and follow-up visits with an orthopaedist confirmed the injury and the slow recovery time. I wore an airboot for almost a week and a half and then transitioned to an ankle brace while also icing it several times each day for the first two weeks (It's still sore and I have a limited range of motion - I've been trying to strengthen it ever since).

During the following week, I was only able to use the TRX a few times. The TRX worked great during this time, as I was still able to perform a full-body workout to keep in shape (I was even able to perform TRX lunges, squats and one-legged squats!). But I was unable to lift weights until a week later when I combined some weight training with more TRX workouts.

However, my training took a back seat the week after that as I flew to Abangaritos, Costa Rica as part of a one-week mission trip with our church (I'll write about this in my next blog).

When we returned from Costa Rica, I was going to write a new training program to help get me back on track. In the process of writing a new program and having meetings after work, I did not train that week as well.

That lead to a two-week period of no training as well as the previous six weeks of on and off training for reasons listed above. Also, it was during Memorial Day week that I had food poisoning causing me to miss a week of training - that was the beginning of when things didn't go as I had planned.

In the past six weeks, my training has not gone as planned despite my best efforts. I'm a very organized, disciplined and routined person, so when things don't go the way I want, it throws me off.

But I believe there may have been a reason for that, as God was trying to show me that no matter what plans I make, he is always in control. I think God was using my workouts as a way to grab my attention for several reasons.

I think he wanted me to see that I can adjust to changes in my routine whether it's due to illness, injury, low energy or for something much bigger - like completing his work in Costa Rica!

If you're like me and things don't go as planned, just remember that God is in control and that you can adjust to whatever it is that comes your way as long as you continue to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

And yes, things are back on track for me this week. I started my next phase of training - Accelerated Muscular Development - and it is going great! I'll talk more about this in a future blog as well.

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